Reuse and recycle survey by CIRC4Life

Reuse and recycle survey has been launched!

CIRC4Life project has launched a consumers’ survey on attitudes to reuse and recycling concerning electronic and food products. The main objectives of the survey are to involve end-users in the creation and design of the new business models and raise awareness about the importance of reuse and recycling. The survey will take you a maximum of 15 minutes to complete and will run until 9th September 2019.

To join the survey, please click here.

I-Sense Group is the CIRC4Life quality manager, responsible to implement quality processes which ensure that CIRC4Life delivers its outputs to the highest quality standards. It is also leading the implementation, development and test of the to be created ICT platform as well as for the interfaces integration with the ICT platform. Finally, it will also contribute to the whole project consortium effort towards the best exploitation and dissemination of the project results. 

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