RECONASS: Field Demonstration Outcomes

RECONASS Group photoOn 25th and 30th of August 2016 in Älvdalen, Sweden a large demonstration was successfully set up by the RECONASS Consortium towards materialising almost 3 years of research, implementation and integration efforts to stress the RECONASS monitoring system for critical buildings in real conditions and experimentally validate the system’s functionality.

The demonstrator concept was basically the instrumentation of a 3 storey building of reinforced concrete, with the RECONASS sensors and prototypes and the execution of massive blasts from its exterior (400 Kg of TNT) and its interior (16 KG of TNT) to evaluate the RECONASS system in a live experiment, as close as possible to realistic conditions. The RECONASS demonstrator showcased how the RECONASS system as a whole assesses rapidly the structural condition of the monitored building after a disastrous event. Moreover, the behaviour of the individual prototypes has been put into stress (i.e. the sensors and their casings, the communication nodes, the structural assessment algorithms, the UAV assessment process, and the disaster management tool at the service of the end users that visualises the condition of the building post event).

RECONASS BuildingRECONASS building demolisionIn overall, the demonstrator was proved of outmost success as the system’s merits and functionalities have been experimentally validated, revealing at the same time where room for optimisation exists. At the following sections, the pilot test storyline is described along with the experiment’s highlights.


A detailed report including specific information about the overall planning and execution of the RECONAS demonstration is available here as (PDF).

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