NEXES – The (R) Evolution of Emergency Services Starts Now !

NEXES RIA Kick-Off Meeting

The (R) Evolution of Emergency Services Starts Now !

June 23rd 2015

On June 22nd-23rd, the Kick-Off Meeting (KOM) of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Action NEXES – NEXt generation Emergency Services has been held to signal the Action’s official launch on May 1st 2015.

Hosted in Lancaster UK by the Action’s Coordinator, RINICOM, the NEXES KOM event gathered the seventeen partners of the NEXES Consortium and the European Commision’s Research Executive Agency (REA) representative, Mrs. Elina Manova, the NEXES Project Officer.

Throughout two days, NEXES’s large group of academia, industry and end-users experts discussed today’s reality within European emergency services, exchanging valuable experiences that provide the actual basis where the next generation of emergency services will be built upon. Benefiting from future media, including internet-based technologies and mobile apps, emergency services and citizens will have more and richer channels of interaction in case of need, namely serving those citizens experiencing disability or having special needs that still live estranged to accessible and universal emergency services. On a cheerful tone, NEXES partners discussed and defined the agenda for the following months as they engage citizens and specialists in emergency services and operations, in communications, networks, localisation and in information technologies to address the different social, technological, organisational, regulatory and ethical dimensions at play.

NEXES ( is a research and innovation action dedicated to the creation of the next generation of emergency services, innovative 112 services that display total conversation, improved location information and enhanced interoperability capabilities in emergencies. Integrating IP-based communications and interoperability technologies, NEXES promises to start a new revolution in emergency services, to the benefit of a more secure society.

ICCS main role in this project is the development and integration of an IP-based eCall implementation into the NEXES system. Moreover, it is responsible for providing the vision and recommendations for smart devices to be able to operate within a Next Generation Emergency System.

Please find the full press release here (EN), (GR). Learn more about the project through its official website: 

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