Innovation in aviation is on the go!

I-SENSE is proud to participate in one of the most innovative EU-funded H2020 projects that aims to deliver industry-driven, passenger-centric novel solutions for passengers, airports and airlines to address the anticipated increase in demand for commercial flights in Europe by 2050. Specifically, the main objective of PASSME project is to reduce unwanted travel time within the airports by at least 60 minutes by integrating information between all stakeholders and transforming airport and aircraft operations and interiors to make the passenger journey time efficient, seamless, robust and relaxed. 

Within PASSME, ICCS had a two-fold role. On the one hand, ICCS had led the development of a personalised application that enables the passenger to be in control of the time spent at the airport and to feel more relaxed and aware. Specifically, the application is allowing the passenger to be kept informed of all the aspects of his/her journey, including navigational information in the airport and possible delays, and also, is providing passenger centric information back to the PASSME central system. This application was successfully tested on 14th of March at Schiphol airport by a number of project partners through a dedicated demonstration.  

On the other hand, ICCS had developed an indoor localisation service, to provide location information to the PASSME system, allowing it to make accurate forecasts of possible delays. ICCS had also a major role in the integration of the overall system and on the testing of the final solution.

You may learn more about the PASSME activities towards transforming your air travel experience through this very interesting article just published in the Horizon magazine:

The project is organising its final Showcase in Schiphol airport on 29 May 2018. Register to join this unique event and learn more about how PASSME managed to reduce our unwanted air travel through its 4 breakthroughs.

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