I-SENSE Group’s researchers at the 28th ITS World Congress in Los Angeles

The 28th ITS World Congress took place in Los Angeles, CA  this week, on September 18-22. The premier global intelligent transportation systems (ITS) conference and exhibition was hosted in partnership with ITS AmericaERTICO, and ITS Asia-Pacific, and brought together  world leaders, practitioners, policy- makers, researchers and industry stakeholders to explore “Transformation by Transportation” in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Our ISENSE team is excited to participate again in the congress and contribute to the conference’s programme and discussions. Dr Angelos Amditis, I-SENSE director, participated in the high level programme as the ERTICO -ITS Europe Chairman, and in a number of sessions focused on the automated mobility, autonomous driving etc.

In a Special Interest Session on ‘Extended and Defragmented Operational Design Domains for Higher Automation’, which was organised by the EU-funded Hi-Drive project, Dr Angelos Amditis, the Research & Development Director at ICCS/NTUA and ERTICO’s Chairman moderated an engaging discussion that blended European, US and Asian perspectives when tackling major challenges for the broad deployment of Connected Automated Driving (CAD). Christina Anagnostopoulou, our team’s Technical Manager, also took part in the discussions, providing insight on the European developments towards the deployment of higher automation by delving into the operations foreseen in the Hi-Drive project. The session was a great opportunity to look into global challenges, needs and opportunities while moving towards a future of highly automated driving. Dr Evangelia Portouli also participated in the Session on ‘Designing Systems for CAV Implementation’.  

Evangelia Latsa, presented in the session ‘WK3: Cyber Resilience: Keeping Our Transportation Mobility Infrastructure Safe and Secure from Cyber Attacks’ results and work in the frame of the CitySCAPE projectThe workshop examined available tools and services to assist transportation leaders with preparing, preventing, and quickly restoring operations after a cyber-attack against critical ITS assets and systems. 

Workshop on the latest insights in 5G for Connected and Automated Mobility at the ITS World Congress  ’22

In a workshop organised by ERTICO, a panel of experts from Europe, Korea and the USA focused on the deployment of 5G for seamless connected and automated driving (CAM) in the different regions. Dr Evangelia Portouli from ISENSE contributed to the discussion with a results presentation from one of the leading EU-funded projects focusing on cross-border 5G for CAM. The presentation provided a look at the key findings stemming from the extensive experimental activities of the 5G-MOBIX project in two (2) Cross-Border Corridors, Greece-Turkey and Spain-Portugal, as well as four (4) European inter-PLMN trial sites (Finland, Netherlands, France, Germany) and two (2) Asian ones (China, S. Korean). Discussion attempted to distill the most important technical conclusions and corresponding recommendations, across a wide breadth of technical aspects and key challenges investigated by the project, all strongly related to cross-border 5G for CAM.

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