HYPERION showcases for the 1st time its innovative tools at the New European Bauhaus in Brussels!

HYPERION European project which focuses in the support of Cultural Heritage sustainability, flies away to Brussels on the 11-12 of June 2022 to attend the New European Bauhaus Festival and showcase its innovative tools in a mobile fair like no other!

An Environmental sensor, known as SmartTag, which allows the monitoring of environmental conditions and changes in vicinity as well as in the temperature, humidity, dew point temperature and wet/dry states, will be showcased for the fist time in the Fair! Several sensors, like this prototype, have been installed in Cultural Heritage monuments around Europe and transmit measurements which are then used in the assessment of the climate conditions’ impact on the deterioration of these buildings and allow the identification of proper mitigation actions.

Another innovative tool that will be presented at the Fair for the first time is the digital Engagement Community Tool. HYPERION is focusing on working with and for the communities of historical areas and cities, engaging their collaboration in the preservation of the valuable tangible Cultural Heritage. Thus, it has designed an Engagement Community Tool in which citizens can create stories and share photos showing the deterioration of Cultural Heritage monuments and contribute to their timely restoration, preservation and overall resilience. Everyday citizens, authorities, Cultural Heritage managers & all interested stakeholders will be able to play a major role in the sustainability of their communities and the preservation of tangible Cultural Heritage.  The project is coordinated by the ISENSE Group and our team is joining the New European Bauhaus Portable Fair to introduce visitors in HYPERION’s latest developments and tools.

The event is free of charge and it taking place all around Brussels on 9-12 of June 2022. The Fair will host local citizen labs, pioneering research, innovative prototypes and proposals in a mobile exhibition that will travel through the center of Brussels on e-bikes and electric tuk-tuks to the sound of a live DJ set. The festival aims to marry science and technology with art and culture to approach the significant challenges of the 21st century in an inclusive, sustainable way.

Find HYPERION at the Portable Fair on the:

  • June 11 | 13.00 – 21.00 at MARCHÉ AUX POISSONS, Brussels
  • June 12 | 12.00 – 21.00 at MONT DES ARTS, Brussels

And check out the full programme here

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