AQUAKNIGHT 1st Plenary Meeting took place

The meeting brought together the whole consortium partners as recognised water professionals from various countries and organisations to create the synergies necessary for the successful achievement of project results. The consortium includes ten partners from six Mediterranean countries, covering a good share of the Mediterranean basin, from East to West and from South to North. The Applicant and five partners are located in EC countries (Greece, Italy and Cyprus) and they include two water operators, two universities and two engineering consultants. The other four partners are in Mediterranean Partner territories (Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan) and comprise three water operators and one engineering company. The project is also endorsed by three associates which are major water and environmental institutions in Italy, Egypt and Jordan.

During this meeting the coordinator I-SENSE group of ICCS, introduced the overall project methodology and explained the procedures for technical and administrative management of the project. The first part of the kick off meeting illustrated the technical approach of the project and discussed about each partners’ specific needs, objectives and methodologies. Each partner made presentations about their activities in the project (e.g. technology transfer, pilot activity, training etc). The second part of the meeting focused on the operational management procedures of the project, i.e. the decision making procedures and the partnership coordination structures. At the end of the meeting action lists and a precise work plan were defined.

More details on AQUAKNIGHT can be found at the project website.


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