8th ΙοT- Connected World Conference 2016: presentation & award


Dr. Angelos Amditis participated as a speaker at the 8th ΙοT-Connected World Conference that took place in Athens on 9 February 2016 and Vraveusi Webspecifically at the 2nd Session of the conference focused on Analytics and Internet of Things: New business opportunities. During his presentation entitled: “Data Analytics & IoT: Converging Research with Market” he gave the basic definitions related to IoT and Data Analytics and introduced the latest trends as well as the respective Business Models. Following that he presented the ICCS – ISENSE Group activities in the area, namely: IoT Systems for Security Applications, Transport and Supply Chain, Water Management and Smart Living. In addition, he highlighted the need to converge research with the real economy by a rich set of means including standardisation activities, informing the wide public, materializing spin-off opportunities, funding increase and enabling synergies at a national level with commercial actors. Finally, he concluded with his opinion on the future trends for IoT market worldwide.

During this event he has also received the Outstanding Contribution Award in the category of Research and Development of Innovative Technologies.

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