The hardware equipment of the VR Lab consists of:DSC04609

Several Head Mounted Displays:

  • Microsoft Hololense
  • Vuzix M300
  • Realewear
  • HTC Vive
  • Several cardboard-like devices


  • Kinekt
  • Optical tracking

One Phantom Haptic Device 1.5 High Force

HMD Goggles

One Immersive Power Wall (CAVE): Stereo passive projection with 2 DLP beamers, 3 control Computers ( P4 2Ghz, GForce3 Graphics Cards), magnetic tracking for the hand (Motionstar), optical tracking for the head.

Projection: projection screen with mirror, stereo projection system
projection box (screen is 2033mm x 1515mm x 3mm; DLP Beamer
1024 x 768 pixel, 1800 ANSI Lumen; linear polarization; mirrored back

The block diagram of the Power-Wall hardware is shown on the next figure:

3 P4 2Ghz Computers with GForce4 Graphics Cards specialized for VR modeling

Software description

The philosophy of the software structure is shown in the next image:

Some of the features that the software supports are:

2D and 3D User interface
1:1 scale visualization
Virtual cut plane
Markers and snapshot
Virtual light source
VRML-2 Animations
Move, hide and reset CAD-records
Virtual measurement
Reset position
Development Toolkit for developing new applications
TCL/TK; C++;open API’s

The rendering pipeline is the following:

Photo Gallery

General view of our new Power-Wall installed in VRLab.

The inside view of the Power-Wall.