Within the framework of the INTE-TRANSIT project and, specifically, in the framework of its 1st training workshop technological lab, an exhibition of the basic principles of how GPS receivers’ accuracy can be augmented via an open-source real time kinematic (RTK) software suite will be held. Evolution in open source RTK software enables precise GPS positioning that reaches sub-meter precision, when using RTK software, low cost GPS receivers and DGPS technology.

In order to demonstrate these technological developments, for the benefit of INTE-TRANSIT stakeholders, two (2) GPS receivers with the following specifications are required.

•Compatibility with RTKLIB open source software suite (http://www.rtklib.com/).

•Compatibility with GPS, GLONASS, GNSS, GALILEO, COMPASS global navigation satellite systems as well as Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS), EGNOS, WAAS, MSAS

•Support for the following GNSS signals : L1 GPS/SBAS C/A, L1 GLONASS CT,L1 GALILEO/COMPASS OS Data+Pilot

•Support for assisted GNSS

•Time to first fix < 30s

•Accuracy in standalone mode < 2 m

•Accuracy in differential mode <1 m

•USB interface

•Immediate shipment & delivery within 2 working days

Please submit your offers by 18 October 2013 to the attention of Mrs. Kaneti, despoina@iccs.gr. For more information please contact her via email.