The I-SENSE group of the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) is seeking to purchase equipment for bridge completion installation of strain sensors, network switch for dense local area network and equipment to deploy wireless sensor network within buildings for structural health monitoring applications (a wireless sensor nodes-gateway – aggregator set and battery-power supplies – back-up power capabilities with solar panels are needed- ) in the framework of the RECONASS research project (312718).

The specified equipment is divided in three different categories, namely

  1. Bridge completion installation of strain sensors
  2. Network Switch
  3. Equipment for wireless sensor network deployment

Any interested party is invited to provide offer(s) and quote(s) addressing either each category solely or a combination of the above mentioned categories.Please find the detailed specifications of the required equipment can be found here.

Please send your offers and quotes by 27th of November 2015 by email to Mr. Evangelos Sdongos (