The I-SENSE group of the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS), is interested in purchasing a high resolution multispectral sensor in the framework of the eVACUATE research project (313161). In particular, the required multispectral sensor should be sensitive in the optical and near infrared spectral region (approx. 400nm – 1000nm). The sensor should acquire data with a spatial resolution of at least 1,2 Megapixels at every spectral band (acquire at least 5 spectral bands/channels). In addition, the sensor should be placed in a compact protective housing and raw data should be acquired with 12 frames per seconds or more.

Moreover, the sensor should be accompanied with all drivers and software in order to control all its functions, data acquisition and storage. Raw data should be acquired and stored through a standard interface. The lens should be of decent quality in the range of 10mm – 20mm. To sum up the specifications of the required multispectral sensor are detailed in the following table.

Description/ Requirements

Spectral Range



< 70mK

Spatial Resolution

> 0,7 Megapixels

Frame Rates

> 25fps








< 1kg

Please send your offers via email to Mr. Kostas Loupos by 27 February 2014 at