I-SENSE Group is seeking for a Scientific Project Manager in the ICT for Logistics sector.

The position responsibilities include the following:

  • Research in the area of ICT for logistics, ITS for logistics, intermodal and multimodal transport of cargo
  • Assistance in Coordination/Management activities over National and International Research  Projects
  • Preparation of related research proposals and tenders in the area of logistics and multimodal transport
  • Managing cross-discipline and co-located project teams for internal or project level activities
  • Planning and Tracking project Schedule and Major Outcomes (incl. deliverables and milestones)
  • Supervision, coordination and/or execution of project related or non-project related technical tasks
  • Handling of communication both within the group and with external partners
  • Reporting on both technical and management level on the projects on the level of deliverables, technical and management reports


  • University degree is a prerequisite (relevant disciplines include but are not limited to Mechanical Engineering, Civil/Transport Engineering, Electrical Engineering/Informatics/Computer Science)
  • MSc or PhD in Urban Freight,  Intermodal freight transport or Supply Chain Management or in related fields will be considered an asset

Technical Expertise:

  • Extensive experience in ICT for Transport Logistics, in ITS, direct & reverse logistics, supply chain management, intermodal transport solutions
  • Knowledge of as many as possible of the following technologies: efreight / e-pouch, smart cargo, joint delivery schemes in urban transport, urban consolidation centres operations, freight transport with all modes, communication systems for transport, tracking and positioning.   

Required Skills:

  • Ability to manage and control project management responsibilities including project objectives, requirements and constraints
  • Ability to perform research in multidisciplinary fields in the area of ICT for logistics
  • Ability to derive technical objectives from application requirements and coordinate local development teams to fulfill those objectives
  • Superb organizational skills,  keen attention to detail
  • Previous experience on FP6-FP7 Research and Funding Frameworks will be considered as an asset
  • Excellent written and oral English language communication skills
  • Excellent command of Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project)
  • Excellent presentation skills and a proactive character

Interested candidates should send their CV to Ms Despoina Kaneti (despoina@iccs.gr) by 30/9/2014.