The I-SENSE group of the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) is seeking external expertise for performing simulations of UMTS, LTE and IEEE 802.11n-like PPDR networks (incl. RAN and Core) at NS-2 simulations platform in the framework of the PPDR-TC FP7 European research project (SEC-2012.5.2-1). This project is oriented towards an interoperable, secure and resilient voice and data communications architecture serving the needs of the European PPDR-TC community and the main outcome of the study is the recommendations for a PPDR Communications roadmap through the provision of technical and economical recommendations. Especially for the technical recommendations the derivatives of simulations to be performed will serve as a pool of results to be diffused within the technical roadmap of PPDR-TC for the aforementioned technologies.

With this tender we seek for external expertise as regards the error-free coding , implementation and smooth execution of simulations at the NS-2 simulations platform specifically for the UMTS, LTE technology and a special purpose (hybrid) topology which is based on IEEE 802.11n technology. 


More information can be found here.


Please send your offers and quotes by 5 June 2015 by email to Mr. Evangelos Sdongos (