Call for offers for equipment purchase
Project TELEFOT Deadline until 7/2/2010

To any interested company

The I-SENSE Group of the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) is a partner of the European research project TELEFOT and wishes to acquire a set of equipment which is considered necessary for the continuation of the project’s activities.
According the relative rules of the Presidential Decree 271/89 and 13/99 that define the legal status of ICCS, a call for offers is required for the commission of the equipment to a supplier.
Therefore, all interested companies are invited to submit an offer until 7/2/2010 for the supply to ICCS of the following equipment:

  • 150 Smart Phones or PDAs
  • 150 Voice guided gps navigation (point-to-point) software licences
  • 150 Data logging software that acquires data from the nomadic device and transmits it to a data base (through GPRS/3G).
  • Communication costs shall be included in the offer covering all nomadic devices for a period of 20 months (24hours/7days a week).
  • Traffic data supply (from the Athens Traffic Management Centre), for a period of 20 months and for the region of Attica/Athens as input to the TeleFOT data base.

For more information and detailed specifications download the call here.

The call for offers shall be published also to the financial press.

Deadline until 7/2/2010