Call for offers for equipment purchase
Project MANUVR – New Deadline until 14/12/2009

To any interested company

The I-SENSE Group of the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) is a partner of the European research project MANUVAR and wishes to acquire a set of equipment that is considered necessary for the continuation of the project’s activities.
According to the relative rules of the Presidential Decree 271/89 and 13/99 that define the legal status of ICCS, a call for offers is required for the commission of the equipment to a supplier.
Therefore, all interested companies are invited to submit an offer until 21/10/2009 for the supply to ICCS of the following equipment:

  • PHANTOM Premium 1.5/HF
  • PHANTOM Premium Option – 7DOF Pinch Thumb Pad – with palm seat

For more information and detailed specifications download the call here.

New Deadline until 14/12/2009