Research activities

The expertise of the Team of Smart Integrated Systems – Sensors, Communication, Platforms, ranges in the following sectors:

  1. logistics and Maritime
  2. Smart Infrastructure
  3. Environment & Water
  4. Circular Economy, Industrial Symbiosis, Industry 4.0

The activities of the Smart Integrated Systems & Communication Team can be detailed in the following:

Logistics and Maritime:

  • Data Handling & Analytics
  • Warehouse Automation
    • AR solutions for Warehouse Management
  • Goods monitoring/tracking platform
  • Dynamic planning of deliveries
  • Security/safety in logistics operations
  • Analytics and optimisation for multimodal planning
  • Integrated Port Management solutions


Smart Infrastructure:

  • Gauge (conventional) or fiber optic sensing systems
  • Sensor system design and development

Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Sensor (wireless) node design and development
  • Wireless Sensor Network design and implementation

Computer Vision

  • Visual Crack/Defect system design and development
  • 3D photogrammetric algorithms
  • Situation awareness for robotics

Embedded System Design

  • Design and development of embedded
  • Data acquisition units

Monitoring behavior for safety

  • Fatigue and Stress Monitoring.Smart Vests
  • Speech recognition

EU Projects: Smart FlexRESISTInComEss, Assist-IoT, HYPERIONPILOTING, DIG IT.

Environment & Water:
  • Modern telemetry systems for water utilities
  • Sensor Communication Networks
    • Wireless Sensor Networks design and Implementation
    • Green ICT analysis and Implementation
  • User-friendly web-based platforms for data sharing
  • Standardisation/harmonisation for environmental observations
  • Volunteered Geographic Information & Crowd-sourcing
  • Low-cost & portable sensors for citizen observatories
  • Service-Oriented Architecture, Data management and analysis
  • Data fusion between sensors, in-situ and Crowdsourcing
  • Cloud-based platforms
  • Computer Vision applications
  • Image processing and modelling
  • Multispectral sensing
  • AR/VR solutions for citizen engagement

EU Projects: WeObserveDIONENextGen, WaterForce, B-WaterSmart, WATER-MINING, aqua3S.

Circular Economy, Industrial Symbiosis, Industry 4.0:

  • Data sharing solutions across the value chain
  • Data handling and provision of services
  • Matchmaking Platforms for Circular Economy and Industrial Symbiosis scenarios
  • Production forecasting over time using AI techniques
  • Recommender Systems combined with user profiling
  • Industry 4.0 solutions including integration with legacy systems, digital twins and flow optimizations.
  • IoT Platforms and connectivity
    • Design and development of IoT systems
    • Green IoT analysis and development
    • Data governance and security
    • IoT interoperability
EU Projects: CIRC4LIFE, CORALIS, Accelwater, CIRC4Food.
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