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Launch Year: 2013
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ZONeSEC: Towards a EU framework for the security of Widezones

The advancement of 24/7 surveillance systems for the security of Widezones with multiple assets at localized scales is of extreme strategic relevance to European economies, industries, authorities and Citizens. Nevertheless, the cost for large deployments and maintenance of ground sensing networks for local surveillance across these Widezones is extremely high. Hence, large areas of high economic importance, particularly those situated at Member States cross-borders, may be exposed to undetected local illicit activities. These could lead to large systemic failures of the processes operating in wider zones, while economic stability, safety and security in Europe can be potentially compromised. Hence, the integration of affordable ground and airborne sensor observation technologies for the critical surveillance of large spatial areas of high economic values in Europe needs to be imminently prioritized. Secure and interoperable observation data and information management services using open standards shall be deployed in ZONeSEC with the aim of cost-effectively reusing them in the surveillance of many other European Widezones. These services are part of an advanced Knowledge Base (KB) and primarily focused on large scale surveillance with high performance detection of localized abnormal activities and alerts. Semantically enriched domain knowledge representations shall be stored in the KB for supporting high level data fusion and reasoning with reduced uncertainties and false alerts. Surveillance professionals will securely subscribe to the scalable KB services of the ZONeSEC system of systems with customizable visualization features. Several pilots specializing in the detection of illegal unauthorized entrances to or trespassing premises; or actions to damage to or deployment of harmful devices on installations shall be fully demonstrated. These concerns Water, Oil and Transnational Gas Pipelines; Highways and Rail tracks conveyed in six European countries.

The I-SENSE team will lead the activities dealing with communication interoperability and uniform data exchange of the ZONeSEC security capillaries. In this context I-SENSE, will design and develop a multilayer communication platform that will support heterogeneous communication technologies, protocols and data formats providing seamless connectivity between sensing devices, data collection tools and the data fusion system  in a flexible, secure, robust and extensible way. With its expertise in computer vision systems, I-SENSE will introduce infrared, thermal and hyperspectral imaging techniques with automated illicit activity and object detection as part of the higher level fusion and reasoning for high performance detection and alerts services of Widezones.