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Launch Year: 2006
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Integrated High Resolution Imaging Ground Penetrating Radar and Decision Support System for WATER PIPEline Rehabilitation

The objectives of the WATERPIPE project are:

  • To develop a novel, high resolution imaging ground penetrating radar for the detection of pipes, leaks and damages and the imaging of the damaged region and evaluate it at a test site.
  • To produce an integrated system that will contain the equipment in ‘1’ and a Decision-Support-System (DSS) for the rehabilitation management of the underground water pipelines that will use input from the inspections to assess, probabilistically, the time-dependent leakage and structural reliability of the pipelines and a risk-based methodology for rehabilitation decisions that considers the overall risk, including financial, social and environmental criteria.
  • To field test the equipment and the DSS.
WATERPIPE is a 6th Framework Research Project co funded by the European Commission under the Thematic Area: “Sustainable Development, Global Change and Ecosystems”