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Name: VRA
Launch Year: 2013
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Networking in Automation

VRA is a Support action for networking and international cooperation on Vehicle and Road automation addressing in particular the deployment needs.

Highly or full automation of vehicles will contribute to the enhancement of traffic safety by reducing the driver‘s workload, and minimizing the human errors and incidents due to the driver‘s distraction or reduced vigilance. Vehicle and Road Automation will also significantly impact the traffic efficiency with the reduction of congestion, by minimizing speed variations and avoiding cases of stop and go. Furthermore, the resulting reduction of vehicle emissions and fuel consumption will have a positive impact on the environment.

Research activities around the world on Vehicle and Road Automation have been steadily increasing over the past few years. However, the researchers and experts being isolated from each other, networking and dissemination activities are now necessary to reach common views.

VRA intends to tackle common issues and agree on solutions enabling a healthy market condition for fast deployment. This support action for Vehicle and Road Automation is an initiative to share expertise and cooperate, at European and International level, which aims to:

·      Maintain an active European network of Vehicle and Road Automation experts and stakeholders,

·      Contribute to EU-US-JPN international collaboration on Vehicle and Road Automation,

·      Identify deployment needs for the different domains of Vehicle and Road Automation,

·      Promote the European Research on Vehicle and Road Automation through an innovative set of dissemination tools

VRA will address the identified deployment needs from different perspectives: the deployment paths and scenarios, the legal and regulatory needs and finally the standardisation and certification requirements.

VRA spins off from the iMobility Forum Automation WG discussions in order to build together an open network to support the deployment of Vehicle and Road Automation over Europe and beyond.

ICCS is responsible for the V2X connectivity working group within VRA and contributes to the writing of white papers in the field of automated driving. Moreover, ICCS supports all dissemination activities.