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Name: TeleFOT
Launch Year: 2008
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Field Operational Tests of aftermarket and nomadic devices in vehicles

TeleFOT is a Large Scale Collaborative Project under the Seventh Framework Program, co-funded by the European Commission DG Information Society and Media within the strategic objective “ICT for Cooperative Systems”. TeleFOT aims to test the impacts of driver support functions on the driving task with large fleets of test drivers in real-life driving conditions. In particular, TeleFOT assesses via Field operational Tests the impacts of functions provided by aftermarket and nomadic devices, including future interactive traffic services that will become part of driving environment systems within the next five years.

ICCS is the leader of TeleFOT SP3 which is assigned with the actual execution of the trials in seven test sites across Europe and ensures the availability of the data for the later analysis. ICCS is involved in the formulation of the framework, manages the Greek test site and participates in the impact assessment work.