Project Details

Launch Year: 2020

Research Areas:

ICCS Role:

Facilitating EU pre-Standardization process Through stReamlining and vAlidating inTeroperability in systems and procEdures involved in the crisis manaGement cYcle.

STRATEGY project aims to build and implement a pan-European pre-standardisation framework and to map, test and validate new and existing standards across eight thematic streams in crisis management:

  • Search and rescue
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Response planning
  • Command and control
  • Early warning and Rapid damage assessment
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high-yield Explosive threats (CBRN-E)
  • Training
  • Terminology/Symbology

The ultimate project goal is to strengthen the resilience of the EU against all types of natural & man-made disasters (multi-hazard approach), by ensuring first responders’ safety and empowering their operational capacity through standardisation that may support next generation solutions and procedures, ensuring an effective and efficient collaborative response to crises.

Promoting EU-Wide Standards & Policy

STRATEGY will support policy makers and relevant authorities in their efforts to improve the management of cross-border crises by increasing the harmonisation of disaster management systems, tools and procedures. To achieve this, STRATEGY will address standardisation aspects of the above eight thematic streams through drafting a total of eleven CEN Workshop Agreements (CWAs) in properly planned CEN/CENELEC Workshops and two new CEN Technical Specifications (TS) in cooperation with the relevant CEN Technical Committee.