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Name: SecureFood
Launch Year: 2024
End Year:
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An integrated approach to enhance food systems resilience, advocating for food security and uninterrupted food supply

SecureFood is a 42-month, €8m Horizon Europe project, that embraces a systems-thinking approach to transform global food security and address the complexities in food production and delivery that exist around the world.

The goal of SecureFood is to establish a resilient ecosystem with scientific knowledge, collaborative processes & digital tools. Focused on key value chains like grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, & dairy, SecureFood provides insights to safeguard food security during crises.

ICCS will act as the technical manager of the project and will be responsible for the coordination and supervision of all scientific and technical activities, ensuring the achievement of the technical, R&I and scientific objectives of the project. Furthermore, it will lead the activities for the definition of the system specifications based on the user requirements and will monitor their progress and fulfilment throughout project’s lifespan. At the same time, ICCS will design the high-level reference architecture, detailing the databases, interfaces, communications and data exchange mechanisms of the digital solutions. In addition, it will undertake the development of the RESILOG tool, which aims to optimize the transportation of food supplies and enhance the resilience of the overall food supply chain in case of events that affect the availability of transport networks.