Project Details

Launch Year: 2022

Research Areas:

ICCS Role:

PODIUM: PDI connectivity and cooperation enablers building trust and sustainability for CCAM)

PoDIUM is an Horizon Europe project bringing together 24 partners from 8 European countries which aims to build trust and sustainability for connected, cooperative and automated mobility (CCAM) and accelerate the implementation of CCAM services. PoDIUM will identify and assess the connectivity and cooperation enablers to achieve higher levels of automation and advance important Physical and Digital Infrastructure (PDI) technologies. The project’s final outcome will be a reference architecture, which is flexible and applicable in different road environments, offering greater resilience of transport systems towards the ‘Vision Zero’ target.

The PoDIUM consortium comprises 28 partners from 8 EU Member States. The main strength of this consortium lies in the careful selection of all the relevant stakeholders of the CCAM ecosystem that have an inherent interest in progressing and materialising the CCAM vision. In particular, the selection of partners of complementary, multi-disciplinary scientific and operational expertise sets the base for successfully addressing all aspects of the project. PoDIUM involves major research organisations with extensive experience in national and EU CCAM projects, including vehicle manufacturers, tier-1 automotive suppliers, road and traffic management operators, network operators and vendors, highly expertised small and medium enterprises (SME) and local authorities. These partners have not only the expertise to deal with advanced technologies and CCAM services, but also the mandates for leading local and regional research and business development on this EU-priority topic.

ICCS is the coordinator of the PoDIUM project, holding a great responsibility in helping a unique consortium to synchronise its efforts to achieve the best possible outcomes and create a real impact in the deployment and uptake of CCAM in Europe. In addition to its role as coordinator, ICCS is also responsible for the following tasks:

  • Leader of Quality assurance and risk management (a.k.a. Quality Manager)
  • Leader of public acceptance and impact assessment
  • Leader of dissemination activities and events
  • Participation in the definition of PoDIUM requirements
  • Participation in the PoDIUM platform architecture definition.

ICCS envisions that the PoDIUM PDI developments will eventually increase road safety and traffic efficiency; at the same time, they will reduce the environmental impact of vehicles.