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Development of a Decision Support System for Improved Resilience and Sustainable Reconstruction of historic areas to cope with Climate Change and Extreme Events based on Novel Sensors and Advanced Modelling Tools: The HYPERION Approach




HYPERION aims to leverage

  • existing tools and services (e.g., climate/extreme events models, and their impacts, decay models of building materials, Copernicus services, etc.) and
  • novel technologies (terrestrial and satellite imaging for wide-area inspection, advanced machine learning, etc.)

to deliver an integrated resilience assessment platform, addressing multi-hazard risk understanding, better preparedness, faster, adapted and efficient response, and sustainable reconstruction of historic areas.

HYPERION will take into account the local eco-systems in the CH areas, mapping out their interactions and following a truly integrated/sustainable reconstruction approach (technical, social, institutional, environmental and economic level), by incorporating active communities participation (using the PLUGGY social platform ) and by supporting new business models based on the concept of a “load-balancing” economy, (using an algorithm that acts like a “reverse proxy”, distributing client traffic across different companies within the same sector) and offering financial risk-transfer tools (insurance, Catastrophe-CAT-bonds ) that can ensure the immediate funds availability to fuel timely build-back-better efforts.

Website: www.hyperion-project.eu

Facebook: Hyperion EU Project

Twitter: @EUHyperion