Project Details

Launch Year: 2008
End Year:

ICCS Role:


Radio Frequency Identification Tags Linked to on Board Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems in a Wireless, Remote and Intelligent Monitoring and Assessment System for the Maintenance of CONstructed Facilities

The objectives of the MEMSCON project are:

  • To integrate MEMS-based sensors and an RFID tag in a single package of small size that will be attached to reinforced concrete (r.c.) buildings for life cycle measurements of acceleration in 3 dimensions or strain in 1 dimension that will be transmitted to a remote base station using a wireless interface.
  • To develop a Decision-Support-System (DSS) for proactive rehabilitation and rehabilitation after earthquake damage in r.c. buildings. This DSS will accept input from the sensors in order to assess the structural condition of the monitored building and to select optimal remedial measures.
  • To evaluate an integrated package of the system in ‘a’ and the DSS in ‘b’ both in experimental and field conditions.

MEMSCON is a7th Framework Research Project co funded by the European Commission under the Thematic Area: “NMP-Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies”.