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Name: ManuVar
Launch Year: 2009
End Year:
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Manual Work Support Throughout System Lifecycle by Exploiting Virtual and Augmented Reality

EU 7th Framework Project ManuVAR Will Change Approach to High Value High Knowledge Manual Work

The ManuVAR project was launched in May 2009 under the EU 7th Framework Programme. The ManuVAR project will demonstrate that high value, high knowledge manual work presents an opportunity to improve the competitiveness of EU industries.

The key objectives of ManuVAR are to:

1. Improve EU industry competitiveness via knowledge-based business models;
2. Increase productivity and quality, improving the value of high value, high knowledge manual work at every stage of the product lifecycle;
3. Reduce the need for global outsourcing;
4. Support efficient knowledge and skill management;
5. Facilitate adaptation to customized products.