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Launch Year: 2001
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Enhanced human machine interface for on vehicle integrated driving support systems

The aim of EUCLIDE (FP5) was the development of an innovative human centred driver support system to be operable in case of driver impaired or erroneous behaviour under different traffic scenarios. The integrated system merges the functionality of two different sensors (far infrared and microwave radar) to support the driver in reduced visibility, due to night and/or adverse weather conditions, and to warn the driver even in good visibility, when dangerous situations occur. Data derived from the two sensors are being processed and combined to enhance the performance of the system well beyond what it is possible by a combination of individually processed sensor data at the HMI (Human Machine Interface) level. The definition of the most effective strategy to support, when needed, the driver with information will allow the development of a system to increase effectively drivers’ comfort and safety. The advantage will be further increased by the introduction of the concept of human machine interface, which is no more “stand alone” but will be designed to be open to other on-vehicle data/ information flow.