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Name: eBRT2030
Launch Year: 2023
End Year:
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The eBRT2030 project will create a New Generation of advanced full electric, urban and peri-urban European Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) enhanced with novel automation and connectivity functionalities, to support sustainable urban transport by reducing cost/km/passenger, TCO, GHG and pollutant emissions and traffic congestion. The eBRT2030 project is developed through three main lines:
1) The development of technology-focused key innovative solutions for BRT, both at system and subsystem level, at level of vehicle, infrastructure, operation, and IoT connectivity

2) 7 demos of BRT system innovative solutions in real-operation, both city-&operator-led and BRT system-focused, or focused on specific technology innovation at subsystem level that are ready for BRT operations, in Europe and outside Europe (in Latin America and East-Africa), and fully integrated in the whole urban mobility scenario

3) the definition a new European concept of Bus Rapid Transit for year 2030, benefitting of evaluation, multiplication and replication of the real-operation test of innovations, that improve the performance of the whole European urban bus system. All cities in eBRT2030 have BRT lines already in operation or launched within 2023, and strongly committed to innovate with electrification, automation, connectivity technology tailored to the characteristics of European bus operations.