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Launch Year: 2001
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COmmunication Multimedia UNit Inside CAR

COMUNICAR project intends to design and develop an on-vehicle multimedia HMI (Human Machine Interface) able to harmonise the huge volume of messages oncoming from the new and traditional functions for the driving support (e.g. ADAS such as Adaptative Cruise Control, Lateral and Longitudinal Control, Collision Warning, etc.; telematic services such as navigation, traffic and weather information, distance diagnostic, messaging, Internet, etc.). The simultaneous information coming from these systems can be a benefit for the driver and a social environment – in terms of safety, comfort, increase of alertness – if and only if the managing messages HMI will be developed taking into the account user needs and ergonomic requirements.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • to assess the driver needs of information;
  • to define which driving support functions (e.g. traditional information, ADAS, infomobility, etc.) produce useful information for the driver and which is the best way to give the messages, taking into account the workload and the different conditions of  traffic scenario;
  • to design, develop and test an easy-to-use multimedia HMI using innovative interaction elements;
  • to promote the standardisation of the information layouts designed;
  • to investigate all measures to encourage the exploitation of the multimedia HMI.