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Launch Year: 2023
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Mainstreaming Integrated Assessment Models by embedding behavioural change and actor heterogeneity, and increasing their outreach to citizens, communities and industrial actors

Motivated by the need for substantial demand-side climate mitigation in the food chain towards achieving the 2050 Zero emissions goal, CHOICE aspires to mainstream Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs), an invaluable instrument for climate stabilization pathways impact assessment. This will be achieved by embedding IAMs into the lifestyle choices and decision-making process of consumers, producers and actors of the Food, Agriculture and Land Use sectors. This ambitious goal is supported by a more realistic representation of behavioural change and actor diversity within IAMs. Following an approach that bridges social science and marketing tools, CHOICE leverages digital enablers designed around emotional appeals and social incentives to orchestrate large-scale ‘green marketing’ campaigns across four continents: Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Asia, focusing on Europe.

ICCS leads the project coordination of CHOICE and its responsibilities include promptly addressing any technical challenges to ensure an effective project implementation. In addition, ICCS is responsible for the compliance with data protection laws, such as the GDPR, and strictly adheres to EU ethical guidelines. Within CHOICE, ICCS will undertake the creation of user-friendly, but sophisticated web tools based on complex mathematical models.