Project Details

Name: AIDE
Launch Year: 2004
End Year:

ICCS Role:


Adaptive Integrated Driver-vehicle Interface

AIDE was an integrated project, funded in terms of the 6th European Framework; the project aimed to generate the knowledge and develop methodologies and human-machine interface technologies required for safe and efficient integration of ADAS, IVIS and nomad devices into the driving environment. The IP has designed, developed and validated a generic Adaptive Integrated Driver-vehicle InterfacE (AIDE) that employs innovative concepts and technologies in order to: (1) maximise the efficiency, and hence the safety benefits, of advanced driver assistance systems, (2) minimise the level of workload and distraction imposed by in-vehicle information systems and nomad devices and (3) enable the potential benefits of new in-vehicle technologies and nomad devices in terms of mobility and comfort, without compromising safety.

ICCS led the 3rd sub-project which involved the actual design and development of the adaptive and integrated driver-vehicle interface, was responsible for the assessment of the AIDE results and was the dissemination manager of the project.