Fotios Konstantinidis
Scientific Project Manager

Fotios Konstantinidis is a Scientific Project Manager at ICCS since February 2021. He holds a diploma in Electrical & Computer Engineering and a MSc in Mechatronics & Systems Automation, based on the Industry 4.0. He is currently a PhD candidate at the department of Production & Management Engineering (DUTh) and his research focuses on the development of Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPSs) (Industry 4.0 ecosystem), that can be integrated in the existed industrial infrastructure.

Fotios had worked as an Industry 4.0 Technology Analyst at Smarterchains SA, analysing plants’ maturity level, proposing I4.0 strategies for Fortune 500 companies, while creating I4.0 AI-based training material. Prior to this, he had worked in Next-Generation Access networks at WIND Hellas (Telecom Industry) and has also fulfilled his military obligations, as an IT classified support manager. In paraller with the military, he contributed in the development of a smart medical device at the University of Ioannina. Throughout his career, he has also authored conference & journal articles, organised workshops and delivered presentations.

Tel: +30-210-7721663