Dr. Athanasia Tsertou
Technology Innovation Manager

Dr. Athanasia Tsertou has graduated from the school of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 2003. She has obtained a PhD degree in Wireless Networks from the University of Edinburgh, School of Engineering and Electronics in 2006. Athanasia has worked in the field of embedded systems design and development between 2007-2012. Since 2012, she is with ICCS, where she has been the leader of the Smart Integrated Systems team until 2020.  She is currently the Group’s Innovation Manager, aiming to increase the technology readiness level of the market-promising prototypes of the group to reach commercialisation. Athanasia is interested in the use of digital and immersive technologies for improving the monitoring of climate change and environmental phenomena, as well as their use for greening and improving the efficiency of people and freight transport.

Tel: +30 210 772 3865