Anastasia Bolovinou
Scientific Project Manager

Anastasia Bolovinou received the Diploma degree in electrical and computer engineering from National Technical University of Athens in 2004. Currently, she is a PhD candidate in UoA, depatment of Informatics and Telecomunications where she is pursuing her phd in collaboration with Computational Intelligenece laboratory of NCRS “Demokritos”. In parallel, since 2011, she is a research engineer collaborator in ICCS dealing with data mining and image classification for automotive safety applications, taking over also european project technical management tasks. Her research interests focus on feature extraction, high-dimensional data clustering and classification for patern recognition in images.

Telephone: +30 210 772 1076

Work Publications

1) M. Fernández, A. Bolovinou, G. Karagianinis, J. Lasgouttes, I. Varea, R. Kurpatov, Z. Kovács, F. Mastrandea,  Co-operative commuting assistant for enhanced personal electromobility, in 10th ITS European Congress, Helsinki, Finland  16–19 June 2014

2) A. Bolovinou, I. Bakas, A. Amditis, F. Mastrandrea and W. Vinciotti , Online Prediction of an Electric Vehicle  Remaining Range based on Regression Analysis, IEVC 2014, Florence, 2014

3) A. Bolovinou, C.Kotsiourou, A. Amditis, “Dynamic Road Scene Classification: Combining motion with a visual vocabulary model”, 16th Int. Conf. on Information Fusion, Istanbul, 2013.
4) A. Amditis, A. Bolovinou, U. Iurgel, A. Etemad, E. Johansson, A. Saroldi, L. Bjelkeflo, “Enhanced percpetion shared by automotive safety applications supporting active intervention – The interactIVe system overview”, ITS world congress, Orlando, Oct.2011.

5) A.Amditis, A.Bolovinou, E.Deregibus, J.Engstrom, H.Kussmann,  “An Adaptive HMI for Integrated ADAS/IVIS presentation to the driver- the AIDE approach”, HCI congress, Las Vegas, 2005.

Phd Publications

i) A.Bolovinou,et al.,Bag of spatio-visual words for context inference in scene classification, Pattern Recognition(2012),

ii) Ι. Pratikakis, A. Bolovinou, B. Gatos and S. Perantonis, “Semantics extraction from images”, Knowledge-Driven Multimedia Information Extraction and Ontology Evolution 2011: 50-88.