I-SENSE Group hosts Hi-Drive’s 2nd General Assembly in Athens

On April 11th and 12th, 2024, I-SENSE Group hosted the Hi-Drive Project’s 2nd General Assembly, welcoming nearly 100 attendees from across the consortium. The picturesque backdrop of Vouliagmeni provided an inspiring setting for the two-day gathering, setting the stage for dynamic discussions, insightful presentations, and networking opportunities.

Dr. Angelos Amditis and Christina Anagnostopoulou from our team extended a warm welcome to partners, before taking the stage to present significant progress in Operations Testing, focusing on the performance and reliability of ADFs (Automated Driving Functions) in extending and defragmenting ODDs (Operational Design Domains). Their presentation outlined the forthcoming steps, underscoring the importance of regular communication and flow of data to uphold operational efficiency. Meanwhile, Villy Portouli delved into the complexities of V2X interactions, while Anastasia Bolovinou shared updates on the technical evaluation of Hi-Drive operations’ data for the technical analysis and data analysis.

As the European flagship project on autonomous driving, Hi-Drive remains steadfast in its commitment to bridging gaps in Operational Design Domains (ODD) and driving innovation. With the coordination of Volkswagen Group and collaboration with 53 partners from the automotive industry and research institutes, Hi-Drive is propelling automated driving towards higher levels of automation.

A video encapsulating the essence of the two-day meeting is now available, offering a glimpse into the collaborative spirit and determination that define the Hi-Drive Project.

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