A series of Workshops by the Disaster Resilience Innovation Cluster – Defkalion (DRIC Defkalion)

The Disaster Resilience Innovation Cluster – Defkalion (DRIC Defkalion), coordinated by ou team I-SENSE of ICCS, organises a series of workshops within the Work Area (WG2) “Earth Observation, GIS Applications, and Spatial Analysis” which will be held online every Wednesday from February 16, 2022.

The aim of the Workshops is to inform about innovative technologies and solutions for the prevention, response and remediation of environmental risks. 7 of the 40 DRIC Defkalion members, business and research organizations specialised in this Work Area, will focus on identifying and evaluating key challenges for the sector. At the same time, the workshops will be focus on existing tools and technologies that contribute to a more effective management and response to natural disasters, environmental crises and civil protection emergencies.

The 7 workshops of this Work Area will cover the topics that follow:

  1. “Modern geospatial technologies in the management of forest fires” implemented by the Laboratory of Forest Management and Remote Sensing of AUTh
  2. “Multiple risk analysis using new technologies and Earth Observation data. Example of application in fuel mapping” implemented by OMIKRON Environmental Consultants
  3. “The impact of climate change on coastal vulnerability to dormancy and erosion – Presentation of monitoring and mapping methods using land observation data” implemented by Consortis
  4. “Over time evolution of natural disasters and impact assessment using satellite technologies” implemented by Epsilon Malta
  5. “Long-term monitoring of coastline change – problems in coastal settlements and ports” implemented by Geosystems Hellas
  6. “Multimodal fusion of EO and non-EO data for Big Data analytics” implemented by the Information Technologies Institute, CERTH
  7. “Monitoring and programming system for the collection of very high-resolution satellite images for the prevention-response-remediation of environmental hazards” implemented by TotalView


You can find the Agenda of the DRIC Defkalion WG2 Workshops on its website here. The working language is Greek.


Register today to attend the workshops by filling in the online participation form that you will find here. Right after your registration you will receive further information about your participation.

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