Radio interview in Parapolitika 90,1 FM about the Green C Port’s pilot activities in the Port of Piraeus

The I-SENSE Group Director, Dr Angelos Amditis, had the opportunity to present the Green C Port advances in Parapolitika 90,1FM on Saturday, June 18, 2020, during the “MOTOR ONE” radio broadcast.

The GREEN C PORTS CEF project aims to reduce the environmental impact of the ports, by studying several innovative solutions that will allow the reduction of traffic congestion, air pollution, noise levels and predict crane productivity. For that purpose, the project is developing and testing a port environmental performance platform and modelling artificial intelligence algorithms to inform end-users and citizens about the main environmental parameters derived from the port activities.

His discussion with the Journalist Evangelos Kioussis had explicitly focused on the piloting of the project’s solutions in the port of Piraeus under ISense Group’s coordination with the collaboration of the Piraeus Port Authority and the Municipality of Piraeus and the participation of two Greek SMEs ZEN Travel Ltd and Global Maritime Agency Ltd.

Hear his interview below to learn more about the Port of Piraeus pilots!

 *The interview was performed on the occasion of the “IAPH World Port Sustainability Award 2020” the project won, in the “Resilient Infrastructure” category, on June 24, 2020.