Interview in the Greek magazine “4troxoi” about CityMobil2 pilot in Trikala

The Greek Magazine “4 troxoi” published on 10 February 2016 a very interesting and detailed article about the CityMobil2 demonstration of public transport automated vehicles, without a driver that is currently taking place in the City of Trikala, including interviews of the basic contributors.

angelos Amditis 4troxoiAmongst them Dr. Angelos Amditis, Research Director of ICCS and the Head of I-SENSE Research Group had explained the State of the Art technologies and future trends on automation in road transport at a European and International level as well as the importance of the Trikala pilot activities towards the creation of an automated transportation system. He also talked about the I-SENSE Group’s overall activities in the area of Intelligent Transport System ephasising specifically on the related to automation and to dynamic charging for EVs work of the Group. 

The full article is available at: