Dr A. Amditis interview about Electromobility advances in Parapolitika 90,1 FM_20/6/20

Dr Angelos Amditis, I-SENSE Group Director, gave an interview at the Parapolitika 90,1 FM and the journalist Vangelis Kiousis on 20 June 2020 about the ongoing shift of Europe to electromobility.

Specifically, he presented the latest technological advances in a global level, the next steps, needed both at a national and a European level, to succeed a sustainable transition to electrification and full-filling the targets of the European Strategy for making Europe climateneutral by 2050.

The whole radio broadcast entitled: “MOTOR ONE” can be found at the following link: https://www.mixcloud.com/parapolitika901/motorone-20-06-2020mp3/