Research activities

The expertise of the Team of Smart Integrated Systems - Sensors, Communication, Platforms, ranges in the following sectors:

  1. Sensorial prototypes development
  2. Embedded Systems
  3. Communication Networks
  4. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems

The activities of the Smart Integrated Systems & Communication Team can be detailed in the following:

Communication Networks:

  • Sensor Communication Networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks design and Implementation
  • Security Related Communication Networks

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems:

  • Monitoring of water networks (using radiometic methods, radar systems – CW/FM-CW, UWB etc)
Location of survivors after crisis events (earthquake, terrorist attack etc):
  • National Projects in cooperation with OASP, KOMAK etc.

Innovative Sensorial prototypes development for applications such as:

  • Structural stability monitoring (tunnels, bridges) using strain/acceletometer sensors (EC Projects: MEMSCON, MONICO, RECONASS)
  • Remote Sensing (eg structures)
  • Distant Sensor Monitoring (eg water-pipe networks) 

Embedded Systems:

  • Monitoring Applications (Underground pipes, Stuctures etc)
  • Security and Safety Related
  • Dedicated Applications (eg Forest Fire prevention)
Design and Development of Microwave Circuits and Antennas:
  • Implementation of algorithms for processing of radar data and image processing
  • Special attention to 3D algorithms
DSP Systems:
  • Image processing and modeling software
Monitoring behavior and reactions of drivers and machinery operators:

Download the Smart Integrated Systems team leaflet here.