This page is dedicated to the research activities of the I-SENSE Group in the automotive field. Our team is developing ITS applications focusing on data fusion algorithms. Main activities are:

  • Theoretical advances on signal processing and information fusion
  • Design of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and active safety applications
  • Development of S/W modules for active safety applications
  • Development of real-time automotive platforms and testing utilities and GUIs
  • Transport telematics and HMI designtest



A research vehicle (Fiat Stilo) is available @ I-SENSE for measurements and testing from the beginning of 2009. The test car is equipped with several sensors and PCs:

  • 1 Industrial PC (eBox, Main Processing Unit, 1.4MHz)equipmentimg
  • 1 Industrial PC (Matrox, Video Acquisition & Processing)
  • Long Range Radar (Bosch)
  • 2 Medium Range Radars (SMS)
  • Usb Gps
  • TFT Screen + VGA switch
  • xPC (Can Gateway)
  • 3 Laser Scanner (Front Side) + ECU +Switch (IBEO)
  • 1 Laser Scanner (Rear) + ECU (IBEO)
  • 4 Usb Cameras (Logitech)
  • 1 Firewire Camera (Basler)
  • 1 Navteq Sensor Box + digital Maps + Gps Receiver
  • Yaw Rate Sensor (Bosch)
  • Wireless Antenna
  • Ethernet Switch
  • 1 PDA + maps/GPS

Download the Intelligent Transport Systems team leaflet here. A poster describing our overall activities is also available here while another one focusing on the team's activities towards the implementation of eCall is available here