Ongoing Projects

 COG-LO Logo.pngCOGnitive Logistics Operations through secure, dynamic and ad-hoc collaborative networks

CONCORDA LOGO Connected Corridor for Driving Automation

CORALIS H C 1           Industrial Symbiosis in Energy Intensive Industries

COREALIS LOGO_JPG.jpgCapacity with a positive environmental and societal footprint: ports in the future era

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Coordinated Use of miniaturized Robotic equipment and advanced Sensors for search and rescue OpeRations

CyberMAR LOGO final JPGCyber preparedness actions for a holistic approach and awareness raising in the MARitime logistics supply chain

Dig IT Logo A Human-Centred Internet of Things Platform for the Sustainable Digital Mine of the Future

DIONE FINAL LOGO JPGAn integrated EO-based toolbox for modernising CAP area-based compliance checks and assessing respective environmental impact

Logo eCharge4Drivers pos colour Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure for improved User Experience

HEADSTART RGB final Harmonised European Solutions for Testing Automated Road Transport

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Development of a Decision Support System for Improved Resilience and Sustainable Reconstruction of historic areas to cope with Climate Change and Extreme Events based on Novel Sensors and Advanced Modelling Tools: The HYPERION Approach


Logo ICT4CART S ICT Infrastructure for Connected and Automated Road Transport

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