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INTERACT aims to create a basis for a future European interoperability standard for unmanned systems. Specifically, our goal is to integrate the technical knowledge and operational experience available in Europe on control, monitoring, and application of unmanned systems for the concept definition of a future European cross-industry interoperability standard. In our vision of the future, this standard will allow unmanned assets to be deployed flexible in different configurations, such as singular deployment, in manned-unmanned teaming or as autonomous swarms independent of organizational or national provenance. Neither manufacturer nor purpose will any longer be an obstacle to combine and task different systems according to requirements of particular missions. This interchangeability of assets increases responsiveness and flexibility and hence the capabilities in European and in international joint operations.

In INTERACT, Fraunhofer leads a consortium of 19 partners with extensive knowledge of and experience with all currently operated unmanned platforms, sensors, and ground stations. Four independent large European research agencies with a strong background in the related technologies are organised in the INTERACT PROJECT GROUP who dedicate themselves to the definition of a consolidated concept for a European interoperability standard for unmanned systems. An essential factor with the implementation of a European standard is the support of government authorities and end users as well as the willingness of industry to implement this standard. Therefore, the PROJECT GROUP is supported by the INTERACT EXPERT GROUP containing all dominant European manufacturers of unmanned systems (air, ground, surface and underwater) accompanied by a number of leading organisations from all over Europe in specific expert fields. End users are contacted for requirements elicitation and user satisfaction through a series of workshops in the project