A subtle article on PLUGGY's innovative social platform and special features has been published in popular "Innovations" column of key Greek newspaper "Ta Nea".

"PLUGGY - The Facebook of culture". Engoy reading!

A press release was issued by ICCS and distributed through the majority of trusted Greek media (electronic and print) on February 17th, 2017 presenting the developments of the SENSKIN project during the first 18 months.

Please find here the ICCS press release. For more information please visit the official project site:

"When driverless cars will be available and how safe they will be?", a story for the future of driverless cars published in Inside Story provides some very interesting answers by Dr. Angelos Amditis.

Enjoy reading clicking in here: Inside Story - When driverless cars will be available and how safe they will be


A feature article on the CityMobil2 activities and demonstrations in Trikala, performed with the strong involvement of I-SENSE Research Group of ICCS, has been published in the Hellenic Bus Community forum.

Enjoy reading clicking here: Hellenic Bus Comminity forum_CityMobil2

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Fotolia 93837710 Subscription Monthly LA Facebook-like social platform and a series of smartphone apps are on the way to promote citizens’ active involvement in bringing out their local cultural environment and in safeguarding and enriching the European cultural heritage landscape.

ICCS is coordinating PLUGGY, a brand new 3-year EC project, funded under Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, that aims to develop a suite of smartphone tools that will enable individuals, community groups, industry, museums and countries as a whole to bring out, document and share their cultural heritage online. The PLUGGY tools will be designed to solely focus on a niche area in social media, celebrating Europe’s collective heritage.

Following the official launch of the PLUGGY’s research activities and project’s kick off meeting held in Athens in December, ICCS, together with project’s Greek partners CLIO MUSE and Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, issued a press release entitled “PLUGGY: an inventive Social Networking site for cultural heritage”, providing an overview of the project’s main features and goals and highlighting its impact towards a greater sharing and access to, Europe’s vast and diverse cultural heritage.


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The press release was distributed in trusted media and several press contacts, generating valuable publicity and some very positive news coverage in high Impact news sites, subject portals and blogs specialized in Culture, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

You can download the press release, available as PDF both in GR and EN.


Among others, PLUGGY was featured in the following articles. You could click and have a close look!


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Dr. Angelos Amditis, Head of I-SENSE Group and Research Director of ICCS, participated as a keynote speaker in newspaper’s Naftemporiki 2nd Technology Conference for the Internet of Things – Evolution in Action, held in Athens, at Divani Caravel Hotel, on December 8th, 2016.

Through his presentation on the Internet of Things and the Market-to-Research Convergence: Applications for Transport, Security and Smart Cities, Dr. Angelos Amditis brought up the recent developments in IOT technologies both in market field and research and Indicated today’s cybersecurity landscape, stressing the need for more effective data protection regulations.

Angelos Amditis IoT 2Angelos Amditis IoT

Some media reports:

Online report in news portal

Print report in newspaper Naftemporiki

EuroVR2016 Conference, held in Athens at 22-24 November 2016, was another dedicated gathering of EuroVR Association, – the latter of 14th annual events, aiming at highlighting the most prominent developments and next big trends in the areas of Virtual and Augmented Reality, keeping track of its great challenges and potentials, presenting from many different perspectives state-of-the-art research findings and encouraging academic and industrial interaction.


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With a special regard to EuroVR2016 conference and its submissions’ status, more than 60 submissions for papers and posters and more than 10 demos’ submissions were received, from which less than 30% was accepted by the Organising Committee, taking into consideration some strict but fruitful criteria and standards, in order to preserve highest quality and superiority. Overall, 16 papers had been selected to be presented, out of which 4 industrial. This year’s conference also included 13 posters, 5 demos and 2 special sessions while hosting 4 very interesting keynote speeches. 

Take a look at EurovR2016 Press Release distributed in Greek media at the end of its proceedings as well as the publicity gained here below:






The Security Europe (, has published on November 2016 an article entitled: EU research project testing unique technology to locate victims’ which features the INACHUS project work. The article was  a result of an interview given by the project Coordinator, Dr. Angelos Amditis to Christopher Dalby, Policy Analyst at Security Europe.   

The article is available at <link> Enjoy reading! 

- Helping European Manufacturers to Face Challenges of Rapidly Changing Markets -


Brussels, Tuesday 18th October 2016: Leading manufacturing experts from research, academia, industry and policy presented the research results of the EU FP7-funded Use-it-Wisely project at an event in Neth-ER (Netherlands House of Education and Research) today. 

Results will have widespread impact for European manufacturers, enabling the adaption of high investment complex products and services in rapidly changing markets. Speakers examined how this will affect the changing business environment, and customer needs. 

Keynote speaker Dr Erastos Filos from European Commission DG Research and Innovation said:

Use-It-Wisely has created innovative frameworks and tools using Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality, as well as business models that allow European manufacturers to face the challenges of rapidly changing markets. The research and development activities of Use-It-Wisely address sustainability and thus contribute to the achievement of the European Commission’s Circular Economy objectives. The breakthroughs of Use-It-Wisely are applicable across many industrial sectors and will have a direct impact on Europe's competitiveness”.

Use-it-Wisely achieved scientific breakthroughs by creating and validating a holistic systems engineering structure. This structure combines human-machine systems, product lifecycle management, business and organisational dynamics. The project’s unique approach focused on six industry ‘Clusters’, bringing together researchers, manufacturers and their customers. This clustering approach gave the project a distinct advantage – by utilising existing links between research organisations and their respective industries, the project was more productive and resulted in greater benefits for the customer.

Use-It-Wisely comprised 20 partners from nine European countries across researchers, manufacturers and their customers. During the three year project, the clusters worked on addressing specific challenges in six sectors: power plant turbines; mobile rock crushers; space products; trucks; shipping; and office furniture. 

The other speakers presenting to policy makers and industry groups at today’s event included:

  • Göran Granholm, Use-it-Wisely Project Coordinator from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
  • Dr Riikka Virkkunen, also from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, presented the overall results and benefits of the project. Each cluster has developed tools and frameworks bringing innovative upgrades to high investment products and services. This allows agile adaption within changing markets and business environments. The cluster results have an impact in their respective industries, but also contribute to reducing waste and increasing competitiveness at a European level. All of the project results focus on the end-user and enhancing the customer experience.
  • Karin Verploegen, representing Gispen, presented ‘Sustainable Product and Service Upgrades’ on behalf of project partners Gispen and TNO. Karin explained their aim was to prolong the lifespan of furniture by implementing the principles of Circular Economy. Gispen and TNO developed two tools to enhance sustainable business practices – designing for upgrades and re-use, measuring the impact of linear and circular use of products, and calculating the reduction of environmental impact.
  • Professor Björn Johansson, from Chalmers University of Technology worked with Volvo during the project to enhance factory floor changes in the production of truck cabs. Chalmers worked with Volvo during this project to develop more efficient and better upgrade and change processes He
  • Tommi Mannerjoki from RD Velho spoke about research carried out on upgrades of mobile rock crushers. With new technologies becoming accessible in 3D scanning, Augmented Reality and Additive Manufacturing, Tommi and his project partners in Metso Minerals researched how to easily gather 3D information from mobile crushing machines and how to manufacture single parts. They tested two different 3D scanning techniques, 3D laser scanning, Augmented Reality, and Additive Manufacturing. Research results will allow better and easier communication between manufacturers, their stakeholders and customers, and for networking success for SMEs. 

For more information, visit Follow developments of the Use-it-Wisely project on Twitter: @UIWFP7. Use-it-Wisely received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement no. 609027


A press release was issued by ICCS for the official launch of the NeMo's European project activities, on the 4th of October 2016, in Athens, Greece. The press release that was send out to several  press contacts and is available as PDF both in GR and EN languages, provides an overview of the project goals towards the facilitation of the wide deployment of electromobility in the road transport sector, its concept and expected impact. As a result the following articles were published in Greek popular online media: