Α press release was issued for the organization of the first INFRAMIX and TransAID joint workshop about automated driving, which will take place in Graz, Austria, on 9 of October 2019. The press release is available in both Greek and English.

AmditisInterviewat ERT ScreenshotDr. Angelos Amditis, I-SENSE Group Director, gave an interview on 12 July 2019 at the Hellenic Television Broadcaster- ERT and the journalist Nikos Mertzanis about the use of Artificial Intelligence  to achieve better preparedness and response planning during emergency situations and save more lives.

The interview is available at:

The whole TV broadcast entitled: "In front of the Facts / Μπροστά στα Γεγονότα" accomodated this interview can be found at the following link:

A press release was issued by Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) on the occasion of Dr. Angelos Amditis participation in the 4th ITS Mayors’ and Industry Leaders' Summit that was held on 5th June 2019 in Netherlands, during the ITS Europe Congress 2019. The press release is available in GR and EN language as a PDF.

A Press Release was issued by the HYPERION’s project Coordinator, the I-SENSE Group of ICCS, announcing the project’s start on June 1st, 2019 and informing about its concept and main objectives. The press release was distributed through the majority of trusted Greek media (electronic and print), generating valuable publicity and some very positive news coverage in news sites and subject portals, specialized in Archaeology, Culture, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

You can download the press release, available as a PDF in GR.  

A press release was issued for the organisation of the Scent Final Showcase -a two-day interactive event exploring the power of citizen science in environmental policymaking- in Athens, Greece, on 20 and 21 June 2019. 

After three years of research, the Showcase had officially unveil the Scent Toolbox – a suite of cutting-edge technologies developed by the Scent research project for empowering citizens to play an active role in environmental monitoring.

Please download the press release through the following links: English version / Greek version 

The reknown press portal published an article about AVINT project regarding the two automated buses that are going to be used in the city of Trikala. 

A press release was issued by Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) on the occasion of the 2nd TTX of IN-PREP project on 17th June 2019. The press release is available here in GR language as a PDF

The March issue of the Logistics & Management magazine hosted an interview of our Group Director Dr. Angelos Amditis about Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Our Director Dr. Amditis gave a very interesting interview to the popular new portal about the ICT4CART project's advances to facilitate the transition towards higher levels of automation (up to L4) that are expected to shape the future of automated driving.

Two press releases were issued by I-SENSE in regards to the organisation of the 4th ITS Hellas Conference on 18-19 December 2019, at the Greek Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, in Athens, Greece. The I-SENSE Group organises the Conference in an annual base on behalf of the ITS Hellas Organisation to discuss the broad deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) as a tool to achieve economic growth and prosperity and ensure the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of transport for the benefit of the respective industry, the end-users and the environment.