TRA VISIONS 2016 is a competition funded by the European Commission, Surface Transport Unit, aimed at awarding the best EU university students (BSc, MSc, PhD) and young researchers in the transport sector. The focus is on innovative transport concepts in the field of road, waterborne and rail (plus crossmodality).

The competition represents an opportunity for students to showcase their work on an international stage at the Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2016 Conference, where the winners will be awarded with prizes in addition to the travel expenses paid.

The call for abstract is open and the deadline is the 31st of May 2015 extended to June 30th 2015. The registration is through the TRAVISIONS website:

It is an honor to announce that ICCS and specifically the I-SENSE Reasearch Group has been entrusted with the coordination of the AutoNet2030 project after the unanimus decision of its partnership. AutoNet2030 is a project co-funded by the EU's FP7 that launched its activities on November 2013 and is comprised of 9 partners. The project's primary goal is to develop and test a co-operative automated driving technology, based on a decentralised decision-making strategy, which is enabled by mutual information sharing among nearby vehicles. 

ICCS coordination began from 1st April 2015, pending the signature procedure of the amendment by EC.

“New technologies in ports for the optimisation of the security, safety and the impact in the environment: competitiveness and sustainability.

Real cases and & pilots in the INTE- TRANSIT project”

The INTE-TRANSIT consortium cordially invites you to participate at its 4th Training Workshop on “New technologies in ports for the optimisation of the security, safety and the impact in the environment: competitiveness and sustainability. Real cases & pilots in the INTE-TRANSIT project” to be held in Algeciras, Spain, on 11-12 March 2015.

INTE-TRANSIT is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the MED Programme and aims to support the better logistics organization of MED ports and logistics areas through the use of modern ICT technologies and to establish a framework for cooperation between stakeholders in the Mediterranean countries for the exchange of best practices, cooperation and personnel training.

During this 4th training session the attendees will be able to learn more on the following topics:

  • How the implementation and integration of new technologies contribute to the competitiveness and sustainability in ports.
  • How new technologies contribute to ensure the security, safety and the minimum impact on the environment.
  • How new technologies in the operations, developed by various stakeholders in ports (border inspections or customs operations, optimisation of the carriers, logistics operators, etc.), ensure the security, safety competitiveness and sustainability in general.
  • Know real cases in ports: how they were planned, carried out and monitored.
  • Know the relationship of competitiveness, security, safety and impact on the environment in the framework of the INTE TRANSIT pilots as well as future opportunities for development.

The trainers are experienced experts coming and well-known companies and organisations as APPA, IAT, SEAbility, CONATECO, Bahía de Algeciras Port, Actual IT and SICE.

The detailed training programme can be found here.

For registering to this interesting training event please fill in the registration form and sending it via email to before March 2, 2015.

INTE-TRANSIT: “Integrated and Interoperable Maritime Transit Management System” is a MED project that runs from 2013 through 2015, implemented by 8 partner organisations from 4 Mediterranean countries. After 3 years of leading innovation, the INTE-TRANSIT consortium cordially invites you to find out more about the project’s developments in adopting ICT technologies for container and yard equipment tracking as well as business analy-sis tools for the efficient monitoring of logistics processes. These tools are the basis for enabling multimodality and intermodality in large logistics hubs as are the port terminals.

The INTE-TRANSIT Final Conference will be held on
23-24 June 2015, in Athens, Greece , under the theme:
Multimodality and intermodality as drivers of change for ports and logistics

For more information please find the relevant announcement here 

Don’t miss this event - Save the Date and pre-register. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you at the INTE-TRANSIT final event in Athens. 

Pre-registration is now open. Please fill in the conference pre-registration form available here and send it via email to Mrs Geli Latsa, ( Your reservation will be confirmed via email.

I-SENSE participates in the project I-HeERO, which is co-funded by the CΕF ΤRANSPORT 2014 Call. The project has officially started since 1 January 2015. The project aims to upgrade the existing infrastructure of Public Service Answering Points as regards eCalls and the study of extending the eCall service to heavy vehicles and P2Ws. The final objective is to ensure the interoperability of eCall service in all the Member States, since this service is expected to annually save up to 2.500 lives in EU, while at the same time reducing the severe injuries by several thousands and their consequences.

The Greek team is under the supervision of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, while ICCS is the technical coordinator.

We are glad to inform you that ICCS became a member of the C-ITS Platform of the European Commission (DG MOVE) where will be represented by Dr. Angelos Amditis. The platform will address the main barriers and enablers identified for the deployment of CITS in the EU, in relation to the services likely to be introduce in the first stage (Day 1 applications) in view to provide policy recommendations to the European Commission for the development of a Communication on the Deployment of C-ITS in the EU by the end of 2015.

Ford Motor Company invites software developers, designers, and technologists across the globe to explore mobility issues and unearth new solutions that will help make mobility accessible and affordable for everyone.

Eight competitions seek applications that will benefit residents of Los Angeles, Lisbon, Mumbai, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Shanghai, Chongqing, and beyond.

Prizes: $210,000 USD

Register to enter:

The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) is one of the founding members of the ERTICO Innovation Platform on Traffic Management (TM) 2.0. The TM2.0 Platform originated in 2011 from TomTom and Swarco-Mizar and now regroups more than 20 members from all ITS sectors focusing on interoperable solutions for advanced active traffic management. TM2.0  was formally established on the 17th June 2014 during the ITS European Congress in Helsinki and its basic aim is to create an interface to provide a more evolved way to manage traffic. This interface will facilitate the exchange of data between vehicles and traffic management procedures, including traffic management, control and information services. Evolving from a combination of dynamic management systems and cooperative ITS, it will enable vehicle interaction with traffic management.

The ICCS group involved in TM2.0 platform acitivities is the I-SENSE Research Group. More information about TM2.0 can be foundhere.

The 23rd ITS World Congress will be organised in Melbourne from 10-14 October 2016.

Watch the Congress' estimonial video here.

The INTE-TRANSIT consortium is inviting you to its 1st International conference focusing on “ICT technologies as enablers for improved operations in modern MED ports”, that will be held on November 20th and 21st, 2014 at the Port Authority of Valencia, Spain.

By attending this conference, you will be able to network with project partners, discover the State of the Art on ICT tools used for modernisation of port logistics, the challenges that MED ports currently phasing, as well as the INTE-TRANSIT developments and ICT solutions towards the creation of an integrated management model to improve container monitoring and to modernise the organisation of the MED ports logistic areas. In parallel, a demo and poster session will take place, showcasing the project evolutions and technologies and other related activities.

This is a first 'Save the Date' invitation for every interested person. Participants may include port authorities and operators, freight forwarders, Shipping and Logistic Companies, Shipping/Container Lines, Transporters, Consultants and Maritime Organizations etc.

Don’t miss this event - save the date and register. We will be more than pleased to welcome you in Valencia on November 2014.

Registration is now open. Please fill in the conference registration form available here and send it via email to Mr. Vincent Ernoux, Valenciaport Foundation, ( by 3 November 2014. Your reservation will be confirmed via email.