Fay Misichroni

Photo Fay Misichroni

Ms. Fay Misichroni holds a Diploma on Electrical and Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). From 2006 to 2010 she worked as a Telecommunication Engineer at Siemens, one of the leading companies in the field of Industry, Energy and Healthcare, at both its Greek and German branches. Since 2010 she is a researcher at Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS), involved in several European ICT Research Projects, as software developer and technical manager. Her research interests include among others: interoperability, standardization, database design and web services. She is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece and currently she is pursuing a PhD at the NTUA.

E-mail: faymisi@iccs.gr

Telephone: +30 2107721076

Dr. Panagiotis Pantazopoulos


Dr. Panagiotis Pantazopoulos holds a BSc degree in Physics (2004), a MSc degree in Control and Computing (2008) and a PhD degree in Computer Science (2014), all awarded by the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), Greece. From 2009 to 2014, he had been working in EU-funded research projects on Internet content/services provision and Network Science, affiliated with the NKUA Department of Informatics &Telecommunications (Advanced Networking Research group). His interests lie in the design, analysis and performance evaluation of content-networking protocols. Since January 2015 he has been with the ICCS/i-SENSE group focusing on automotive research and technical management of relevant projects.

Email: ppantaz@iccs.gr

Telephone: +30 2107721076


Thanassis Parnassas

Mr. Athanasios Parnassas has obtained his Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 2002 and his MSc degree  in Management and Economics of Telecommunication Networks from University of Athens (UoA) in 2008.

He has extensive experience in network management, server building and maintenance across various platforms. He has participated in a large number of European Projects. His main area of interest is creating reliable IT infrastructures that provide better working environment for the end user.

He speaks fluently Greek, English, French and Italian.

Dr. Ioannis Damousis

damousis photoDr. Ioannis (Yannis) Damousis graduated from the Electrical and Computer Engineering School of Aristotle University of THessaloniki in 1997. His PhD (2004) focused on genetic algorithm and machine learning methods for power systems optimization. He worked for several years as senior researcher and project manager at the Center for Research and Technology Hellas-CERTH (Informatics and Telematics Institute-ITI and Hellenic Institute of Transport-HIT) in several FP6 and FP7 research projects on various fields ranging from advanced biometrics to automotive safety applications. He has been active in developing machine learning algorithms for equities trading. He is the main author and co-author of more than 40 papers published at international journals and conference proceedings with more than 1500 citations. He is with the ICCS/I-SENSE team since January 2014.  


Email: y.damousis@iccs.gr 

Telephone: +30 210 772 2520


Alexandros Doukas

alexandrosdoukasAlexandros Doukas is a student of the Electrical and Computer Engineering School in NTUA. He is currently working on his diploma thesis which is about the implementation of a Sensor Network using an Android device for monitoring.

Alexandros also holds several Networking Certifications from Cisco such as CCNA and CCNP.

His scientific interests include Computer Networks, Internet Protocols, Electronics and Computer Programming. Other interests Music (piano-keyboards) and Computer Graphics and Animation.

Email: alexdouckas@iccs.gr

Nikos Georgakopoulos

Nikos Georgakopoulos holds a BSc in electrical Engineering and a MSc in data communication systems, experienced in both wired and wireless access aggregation and core data networks as well as in the design and programming of embedded devices through his years of experience in the greek telecom sector and his participation in the design and realization of wireless metropolitan area networks in Greek municipalities. His current research focus is on embedded system design and programming, wireless sensor network design and the integration of such systems in wide local or metropolitan area networks.


Bettina Portouli

imgBettina Portouli graduated from - highschool in 1988. In 1989 studied Didacta Secreteriat. 

In the past she had worked as a Secretary of Sales Department in VIAMAX S.A. as a Head of Translating Department at VASCO MEDICAL- MEDICAL SUPPLIES, Head of Transcript Department  at CHALARIS AND CO, LTD and she was organizing and planning medical educational seminars for SIMULAND.

In ICCS she is conserned with financial and administrative issues.

Email: bettina.portouli@iccs.gr

Tel: +30 210 772 2290

Evangelos Sdongos

evangelos sdongos picMr. Evangelos Sdongos is a Researcher and Scientific Project Manager at the I-SENSE Group of Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS). He holds a MEng. in Telecommunications and Information Technology from the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department of Patras University and a MBA from Hellenic Open University. He is currently PhD candidate at National Technical University of Athens. He has also published several articles in book chapters, journals and conference proceedings.  Evangelos has extensive experience in the Telecommunications domain, with regards to design, planning, implementation and integration phases of Mobile/Wireless Communication Networks (Radio Access, Transport and Core tiers for 3G/4G/5G) for either Mission Critical or Public Communications and related services. Moreover, he has significant knowledge of embedded systems and sensors in particular within the Security field. He has worked in several industrial projects involving national wide roll-out of telecommunication infrastructure (RAN and IP-Core) by major operators and vendors in Europe and Middle East as well as in research projects funded under the 7th FP.

Since September 2013, he is working in ICCS as Project and Technical Manager at a wide range of EU funded (FP7 and H2020) projects including but not limited to PPDR-TC, eVACUATE, INTE-TRANSIT, PASSME, NEXES and RECONASS. Since September 2017 he is leading the Crisis Management & Security Unit under the Smart Integrated Systems Team of the I-SENSE Group. His research interests include mobile/wireless telecommunication technologies, sensors and sensor networks, IoT and M2M, embedded systems and unmanned platforms (UxVs) with emphasis to security and crisis management applications such as next generation emergency services, disaster risk reduction, critical communications, border surveillance, asset-resources-infrastructure monitoring and situational awareness in crisis environments. He is mostly active in the field of Security under several domains (Civil Protection, Crisis management, Transport, Smart Cities, Critical Infrastructure, ICT) focusing on uptake of novel technologies for improving operational procedures and decision making.

E-mail: evangelos.sdongos@iccs.gr 

Tel: +30 210 772 2467

Lazaros Karagiannidis

ydamigosLazaros Karagiannidis holds an M.Sc. in Mobile, Personal and Satellite Communications (University of Westminster UK, 2001) and a B.Sc. in Physics (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece, 2000). He has a multitude of professional skills including project management, technical management, engineering and consultancy especially in the field of telecommunications networks, radio planning, design, implementation, integration and performance testing for various wireless communication technologies and protocols (2G, 3G, LTE, WiMAX, TETRA, SCADA etc.). As an R&D Project Manager, he has participated in several EC FP7 research projects and he is currently working as a project manager at ICCS. His scientific interests range in communications architecture and telecommunications networks, focusing on mobile communications, PMR communications, sensor networks, services and applications.

Email: lkaragiannidis.iccs@gmail.com


Richardos Drakoulis

richardos-drakoulisRichardos Drakoulis received his Diploma degree from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 2011. His diploma thesis was about the design and implementation of a graphics library for embedded systems. His interests include Linux operating system and programming. He is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece.

Email: richardos.drakoulis@iccs.gr

Telephone: +210 772 10 76