Richardos Drakoulis

richardos-drakoulisRichardos Drakoulis received his Diploma degree from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 2011. His diploma thesis was about the design and implementation of a graphics library for embedded systems. His interests include Linux operating system and programming. He is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece.


Telephone: +210 772 10 76

Theodoros Theodoropoulos

thodoris picTheodoros Theodoropoulos holds a "MSc in Embedded Systems Design" from Telecom ParisTech (Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications). The degree thesis included the research and simulation of a Near Field Communications chipset and was carried out at NXP Semiconductors. In 2009 he graduated from the University of Patras and received a Diploma in Electrical Engingeering and Computer Science. Currently he is pursuing his PhD at the NTUA and is involved in several projects.

He is interested in smart grid technologies, ITS, embedded systems and software development.

Tel:+30 210 772 1076

Ioannis Damigos

ydamigosIoannis Damigos was born in Piraeus, Greece. He received his university degree in Informatics from the University of Piraeus in 2005. He obtained his MSc in “Advanced Information Systems” in the orientation of “Technology of Embedded Computing Systems” from the University of Piraeus in 2008. During his work in AMCO SA (2009 - 2012), he was heavily involved in the design and implementation of embedded software for various products, including telematic devices, LED display panels and on-board units, participating in the entire product life cycle. His current interests are about linux operating system embedded programming, bare metal programming in C programming language and comics.


Tel: +30 210 772 1076


Dr. Athanasia Tsertou


Dr. Athanasia Tsertou has graduated from the school of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 2003. She has obtained a PhD degree in Wireless CSMA/CA Networks from the University of Edinburgh, School of Engineering and Electronics in 2006 and has worked as a Research Associate in the EPSRC funded FireGrid. Athanasia has a significant software design experience in embedded systems, working in the field of home and business CPEs for more than 5 years.

Since September 2012, she is working in ICCS where she is leading the Smart Integrated Systems team ( Athanasia has been involved as the project manager or the technical manager of several EU-funded projects (H2020, FP7 and INTERREG), including but not limited to SCENT, Clusters 2.0, SENSKIN, RECONASS, ICeWater, eVACUATE, INTE-TRANSIT, etc. Her research interests include embedded system design, cyber physical systems, sensors and sensor networks, IoT, Platform/Software as a Service architectures and innovative wireless communications technologies. Regarding application domains, she is mostly active in the field of environment, focusing on the use of in-situ and citizen generated data for improving the monitoring and management of environmental phenomena as well as in the field of logistics and supply chain management, with the aim to expand recent advances in ITS and people mobility to the freight transport domain.


Tel: +30 210 772 3865


Panos Kaliontzopoulos

Panos Kaliontzopoulos holds an Electronics Engineering degree from Anastasiadou, Higher School of Electronics (Alumnus 1973), with two years grant from State Scholarships Foundation (IKY). As project manager, division manager and member of the board of private construction companies, he designed and supervised various private and public projects in the fields of electronics and telecommunications. Also he participated in the management of SMEs, in Greece and abroad. His technical experiences include High power RF system design, shore to ship communications, PMR and PLMN networks. Pano’s technical interests include Electronics, Telecommunication and RFID. Other includes history of electronics, technical terminology and wines.


Tel: +30 210 772 1076


Evi Brousta

Evi Brousta 3Ms Evi Brousta is the main responsible for all communication and dissemination activities of I-SENSE group.

She holds a bachelor Degree in the field of Political Science and Public Administration from the School of Law, Economics and Political Sciences of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, with expertise in International and European Affairs. She has been awarded with a Master of Arts in Southeast European Studies from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Between 2006 and 2007 she has worked at the Institute of Democracy "Konstantinos Karamanlis" as an officer at the Department of Publication and Research Programs.

Between 2007 and 2009 she has been the responsible of the press office of the Greek Minister of Education, Lifelong learning and Religious affairs.

Between 2009 and 2010 she has worked as a Communications Consultant of the President and CEO of ETHEL S.A., the transport company of thermal buses, which operates the buses that serve the Athens metropolitan area.

From 2011 she is working as a Communications manager at the I-SENSE Research Group of ICCS.

Tel: +30 210 772 2526

Dr. Evangelia Portouli

altDr. Evangelia Portouli holds a Mechanical Engineer degree with excellence from the National Technical University of Athens (1991) and a PhD on Cognitive ergonomics from the same Institute (2015). Between 1991-1994 she has worked in the industrial field, designing and developing prototype systems for vehicles. Between 1994-2005 she has worked as research consultant in various consultancy companies in the area of intelligent transportation systems. Between 2005-2010 she has worked as researcher in the Hellenic Institute of Transport of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas. Her scientific interests include design and development of intelligent transportation systems and driving automation systems, design and conduct of experimental studies with driving simulators or equipped research vehicles on road, driving behaviour studies, universal accessibility and universal design.


Tel: +30 210 772 16 63

Despoina Kaneti

despoinaDespoina Kaneti is a Researcher of the I-SENSE Group and a Member of the Administration, Quality & Dissemination Team.

She graduated from the University of Ioannina, Department of Philosophy, Education and Psychology (the Education Section). She joined ICCS in 2008 and she has participated in more than 13 research projects.


Telephone: +30 210 772 16 63

Olga Diamanti

PHOTO OLGAOlga Diamanti (Managerial Assistant) is concerned with the ICCS Financial administration, being responsible for resources planning and management.

Tel: +30 210 772 16 63


Marilena Xarcha

Marilena Xarcha graduated from the Economics Department of the University of Pireaus in 2009.

Since then she has been employed in the I-SENSE group of ICCS responsible for financial management of research projects.

Since 2011 she is the head of the financial team of I-SENSE. Among others she is responsible for project administrative management, monitoring and planning expenditures, checking partners' expenditures and synthesising consolidated financial reports for the funding authority, distribution of partners’ payments according to their accepted expenses. She is acting as the administrative manager on behalf of the coordinator for several projects co-funded by the FP7 and Regional Cooperation programmes, but also for national initiatives. She is also responsible for administrative support in the preparation of budgets of proposals submitted for funding by several programmes, European and national ones.


Tel: +210 772 16 63