Panagiotis Blanos

Panagiotis BlanosPanagiotis Blanos is a researcher specialized in Biomedical Engineering. He holds a BEng in Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering (2007) and an MSc in Digital Communication Systems (2008) from Loughborough University, UK. He has also obtained, with distinction, an MSc in Biomedical Engineering (2013) from the University of Patras in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens. He has just finished his PhD studies (2020), in Loughborough University, focusing on the Effect of Thermoregulation on Physiological State revealed from Multi-wavelength Illumination Photoplethysmography during Induced Different Temperature Stimuli and Physical Activity.

Panagiotis has a high level of understanding and training as an Electronic Biomedical Engineer in cutting-edge new health technologies, with a particular focus on the research and development of opto-electronic sensors for real-time monitoring of human body vital signs. At the same time, he has achieved significant professional experience and progress, as a Telecommunication and Electronic Systems Engineer, in innovative applications where he has also demonstrated remarkable managerial skills in various business sectors in the United Kingdom and Greece. Recently (2020) he has become a member of the I-SENSE Group.